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Welcome to Kitsy Field.



Welcome, friend.

While there is never a perfect time to begin a new project (or start a blog), I have decided to launch my humble site, as promised, even though our family is currently in the process of selling our home and navigating a cross-country move…

Yes, our sunny California crew will be moving to Maryland, to pursue a more balanced life in the tree-lined suburbs of Washington, DC!

We depart for the unknown with a handful of boxes, two suitcases, two pups and our two year-old daughter, R. Unbeknownst to my husband, I have also stashed an admirable amount of yarn into my personal effects, along with a handful of dolls. (The rest will follow once we are ready to settle into our Forever Home.)

I look forward to your company during our journey and to sharing lots of projects and inspiration here - thanks for stopping by.

xo, Kristin